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If Blast Furnaces could tell their story


The Landscape Park Duisburg Nord is hosting the ExtraSchicht event on Saturday 30 June, and the park will be alive to the sound of music and song from 6pm to 2am. There’s also a programme for young […]

Street Food Festival


At The Street Food Festival from 19 to 21 May, ambitious street food chefs will give live demonstrations to show how they work and explain the philosophy behind their creations - show cooking at its […]

Restart: HistoriCar is back


From 5th to 6th May 2018 HistoriCar is back at the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord! At the trade fair visitors can not only admire but also acquire restored cars and lorries, buy spare parts for their […]

Wine and Lifestyle


Wine lovers feel at home at the “Baden-Württemberg Classics”. From 7th to 8th April winegrowers from the wine-producing areas in Baden and Württemberg invite you to the Power Plant at the […]

The Landscape Park’s homepage in a new guise


The Landscape Park is pleased to present the new version of its website The new user-friendly navigation places visitors at the heart of the former ironworks, and the […]

Sanitation measures on the chimneys


Because of extensive sanitation measures on the chimney at the power station, some passageways in the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord will have to be closed for visitors for reasons of safety from 12th […]

News archive

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