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The Storeroom was one of the ironworks’ first buildings. It has retained its significance for the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord because it was here that the architects met to plan the park’s development.

Today the brick building, rich in tradition, is a beautiful venue for press conferences, seminars, meetings, conferences and conventions for up to 99 people. The Storeroom is divided into three rooms, which means that there’s no problem hosting parallel events such as several seminars at one and the same time! Ask about our seating plans.

The Storeroom is not tied to any outside catering franchise.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a date to have a look round, our events management team will be happy to help at any time.

Floor Plan


“Metropole Ruhr” room – 130m²
“Duisburg” room (incl. “Meiderich” kitchen area) – 110m²
“Nordrhein-Westfalen” room – 138m²


Maximum capacity: 99 people
Precise capacity dependent on combination of rooms and seating options


“Metropole Ruhr” room – carpeting, natural light, tables and chairs, projector on request.

Room “Duisburg”– carpeting, natural light, tables and chairs, fully equipped kitchen (“Meiderich” Room), pillars as optical room divider, projector on request.

“Nordrhein-Westfalen” room – carpeting, natural light, tables and chairs, projector on request

Key figures

Catering franchise

The Storeroom is not tied to any outside catering franchise. You’ll find our recommendations for reliable partners in the “Catering” section:


Toilets are located on the upper floor and in the basement. There’s a disabled toilet on the ground floor.

Vehicular access

The Storeroom is located right next to the park’s main entrance and can be driven up to for making deliveries.


The Storeroom has a heating system.

Disabled access

The ground floor of the Storeroom is wheelchair-friendly. The upper floor is only accessible via a flight of steps.

Internet connection

Wi-Fi on request.


1,500 parking spaces on-site.

Recommended combinations

Major events use the Storeroom as the base for furnishing, catering, crew, internal meetings, make-up, press conferences etc.


Discover the history and background

There are lots more interesting facts and information about the Storeroom as an events location in our Exhibits!

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