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Power Plant

In the Power Plant, 170 metres long and 35 metres wide, a great deal of wind and hot air was once produced, because it was here that huge machines provided the blast furnaces with pre-heated air, the so-called “blast furnace wind”. At the same time it was also used to generate the power supply for the whole works and the neighbouring housing estate. Since 1997 – modernised and remodelled – this huge hall has been an impressive setting for large scale events.


The Power Plant, built in 1902 and extended in several stages up to 1911, was the heart of the ironworks. It housed 10 huge machines driven by blast furnace gas which were used to generate power and wind for the blast furnaces.

The works and the neighbouring workers’ housing estate on the Neubreisacher Strasse were provided with power from this plant until 1965. After the machines were shut down and scrapped, the plant was used as a store for spare parts until 1987.

In the end, as part of the redevelopment of the Landschaftspark, the Power Plant was cleaned up and converted into a multi-function venue and, after a conversion phase of just seven months, the hall was opened in October 1997. Since then large-scale events with an international standing have been held here. And, given the combination of the huge industrial hall’s very special atmosphere and its modern refurbishment, these events are transformed into extraordinary experiences.

Facts worth knowing

Year of construction

1906 - 1911


20 m


170 m


34 m

Open since


Use when operating

Power generation

Use today

Events hall


Steel lattice facade with brick infill on a brickwork base

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