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Are you free from giddiness?

How about counting the stairs to the very top of the blast furnaces and the viewing platform. Can you imagine: An ironworker had to walk this way more than once a day.

Viewing platform

Blast Furnace 5, which you can climb up to the very top, is a real highlight of the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. Here visitors not only have the opportunity to understand the blast furnace process but, from a height of 70 metres, they can enjoy a far-reaching view of Duisburg, the western Ruhr District and the Lower Rhine. A steel staircase takes visitors up to the viewing platform on the top of the blast furnace.

Entry to Blast Furnace 5 and its viewing platform is free and both are open 24/7 but, in the case of snow, ice or stormy weather, the blast furnace is closed for safety reasons.

Facts worth knowing

Year of construction



54 m



Sight distance

Whole of the western Ruhr District bis as far as the Lower Rhine and Düsseldorf

Prior experience

Not necessary

Special features

In the case of snow, ice or stormy weather the blast furnace is closed for safety reasons.

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