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High ropes course

The team experience involved in “Expedition Steel”, the high ropes course, is a programme in which, first and foremost, team spirit and group solidarity are of central importance. Wobbly bridges and challenging rope constructions take adventurers up and away from Casting House 2, providing the most impressive and bizarre impressions which are to be enjoyed in the former ironworks in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. Supervised by well trained staff, this programme lasts roughly three hours and is a group experience unlike any other.

At a height of about 50 metres the course ends with a magnificent view of the Ruhr District. Minimum age 16.

All equipment is provided. Prior experience is not necessary. The Group experience is bookable for 10 people or more. Times by arrangement.

What’s available

The next expeditions on the high ropes course will take place on the following dates/times:

  • 03.11.18, 5 pm
  • 17.11.18, 5 pm
  • 08.12.18, 5 pm
  • 23.02.19, 5 pm
  • 09.03.19, 5 pm
  • 23.03.19, 5 pm
  • 13.04.19, 5 pm
  • 27.04.19, 5 pm
  • 11.05.19, 5 pm
  • 18.05.19, 5 pm
  • 25.05.19, 5 pm
  • 01.06.19, 5 pm
  • 15.06.19, 5 pm
  • 22.06.19, 5 pm

Individual dates can be booked for groups/companies comprising 10 people or more. For reservations on the fixed dates or for group bookings on other days, please contact “power ruhrgebiet GmbH”.

For group bookings, the facility is for that group’s exclusive use. Sessions for different groups cannot overlap.

Prices are as follows:

  • €80 (incl. VAT) per participant.
  • €72 (incl. VAT) per participant, 30 people or more.

Services provided: team supervision, all equipment, hire of the facility and insurance.


power-ruhrgebiet GmbH
Emscherstrasse 71
47137 Duisburg

Telephone: +49 (0) 203 986 80 91
Fax: +49 (0) 203 986 80 93

Email: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Facts worth knowing


approx. 50 metres

Duration of program

approx. three hours

Minimum number of participants

10 people

Maximum number of participants

80 people

Prior experience

Not necessary


Supervision, all equipment, hire of the facility and insurance.

Special features

Special lighting means the course can also be enjoyed in the dark in the winter months (October to April). In the case of inclement weather, climbing is restricted to the covered part of the blast furnace area which is protected from the wind.

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