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At Ingenhammshof live horses, donkeys, geese and chickens.


The Ingenhammshof in the parklands of the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord is all that remains of Meiderich’s once thriving farm, most of the agricultural businesses having fallen victim to industrialisation. As a food supplier to the ironworks, the farm was able to secure a permanent place in the grounds of the Thyssen company.

Farm school

The Ingenhammshof was set up in 1993 as a Farm School to provide children from the cities with an insight into life and work on a farm. As such, today it teaches not only visitors but also school pupils about the principles of organic farming, and close contact with lots of animals provides a hands-on introduction to farm life. This is why the farm has horses, donkeys, geese and chickens, four bee colonies and several breeds of local farm animals threatened by extinction.

“Farm morning” excursion

Children who have hardly ever had the opportunity to develop a sense for the relationships between animals and food, nature and city can find out how a farm actually operates in a different, hands-on way. The programme is called “Farm Morning”. Cleaning out the stalls, feeding the animals and taking the four-legged animals out to pasture are as much a part of a “Farm Morning” as stroking and holding the animals living on the farm. The “Farm Morning” is a delight for nursery and primary school children as well as for children in the first years of secondary school.

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Stroke the animals and admire the kitchen gardens

Visitors to the Landschaftspark can have a wonderful and relaxing time at the Ingenhammshof, stroking the animals and admiring the farm’s kitchen gardens. A visit is a must, and not only for children. The straight boxwood hedges of a classic kitchen garden can also be found in the layouts of many monastic and court gardens; at the Ingenhammshof farm, the kitchen garden is planted in classic style as a fruit and vegetable garden.

Please note: At the moment, parts of the Ingenhammshof are closed.

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