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Casting House 1

Where pig iron once flowed from the Blast Furnace is today a place for your ideas. Casting House 1 accommodates up to 1,500 spectators for concerts, theatre productions or large-scale film shows. A special feature for your event is the transparent sliding roof over the hall which means that, even if the weather’s bad, your guests are not left standing outside in the rain.

And how about a chilled beer from the beer wagon before the event? Or are you planning an open-air reception? A good combination: the Casting House Forecourt is seamlessly connected to the Casting House and, with its 545 m² of open space, is ideally suited for any extension. And the show stealer is the roof which can be moved from the seating area in the Casting House to cover the Casting House Forecourt!

If you need any further information, our events management team will be happy to help you at any time.

Floor Plan


Stage area approx. 220m²
Casthouse Forecourt 545m²


Standing: 1,483
Seated: 999


Graded stand with crush barriers or seating. Mobile transparent roof. Either above stand or Casthouse Forecourt

Key figures

Catering franchise

Casthouse 1 is not tied to any outside catering franchise, with the exception of the beer offered for sale and the non-alcoholic drinks which have to be procured from a drinks wholesaler, a contractual partner of the Landscape Park.


There are no toilets in Casthouse 1, but during the summer there are toilets in the adjacent Piazza Metallica. Places are available for you to erect your own rented portable toilets. Public toilets are located a short distance from the hall.

Vehicular access

There’s no vehicular access to Casthouse 1, but there is a goods lift for up to 5 tonnes.


1,500 parking spaces on-site.

Roof construction

The roof construction of Casthouse 1 can be used to suspend loads (rigging etc.).


Casthouse 1 cannot be heated.

Power capacity

The former ironworks boasts an extensive infrastructure with high-voltage current throughout the halls. Technical arrangement based on specific requirements.


Casthouse 1 has architectural lighting and working light. At night it’s bathed in the light of the park’s own light installation.

Function rooms

There’s a control room and technical room below the stand.

Disabled access

The hall has a disabled lift.

Internet connection

Wi-Fi on request.

Recommended combinations

The Casthouse Forecourt is seamlessly connected to Casthouse 1 and, with its 545 m² of open space, is ideally suited for any extension. The show stealer is the roof, which can be moved from the spectator stand to cover the Casthouse Forecourt!


Discover the history and background

There are lots more interesting facts and information about the Casting House 1 as an events location in our Exhibits!

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