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Industrial Heritage Trail

Steel, coal and iron have been synonymous with the history of the Ruhr District for 150 years. And even with the return of the mining and steel industries and the beginning of the structural transformation, the shut down coal mines, iron and steel works and desolate green spaces continue to stand at the centre of the region. The Industrial Heritage Trail is dedicated to this fact with a circular trail, some 400 kilometres in length, through the Ruhr District.

This circular trail comprises 52 theme points: facilities which in the course of time have developed into spaces which bring industrial heritage to life and have become attractive venues with a pulling power for millions of tourists. 25 of these theme points are so-called anchor points, making up the core network of the trail, and where you can go into much more detail about the history of a region or one particular aspect such as coal mining.

The Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord is one of these 25 anchor points and is represented in the theme trails dealing with “Industrial Heritage on the Rhine”, “Industrial Nature Trail”, “The Ruhr District Mythology”, “On the Way to the Blue Emscher” and “Landmark Art”.

The Industrial Heritage Trail is a project of the Regional Association of the Ruhr (RVR).

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