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World record attempt

Largest sandcastle made from Lego bricks

A special highlight awaits visitors this year at the schauinsland-reisen Lights Market in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord. The largest sandcastle made of Lego bricks is to be built from over 600,000 bricks. The world record is to be set with a footprint of 6.75 x 6.75 meters and a tower height of 5.25 meters. So that the largest sandcastle made of Lego bricks does not become a castle in the air, builder Adrian Kniewald has been calculating, planning and constructing for months with his colleagues Sebastian, Julian and Markus from the "Bricking Bavaria" association in his workshop near Munich. Before that, he and Andreas Rüttgers, head of tourism at schauinsland-reisen, had put their heads together and had the idea of ​​an oversized sandcastle made of Lego bricks. The casting hall of the landscape park is designed in a suitable concept with other sculptures made of Lego bricks and should not only make children's eyes shine, but also impress big Lego fans. On November 25, right on time for the opening of the light market, the "Record Institute for Germany" will decide in front of the visitors whether the world record attempt commissioned by schauinsland-reisen has been successful.

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