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Wind Turbine Tower

Did you know that …

... the Wind Turbine Tower was erected on the ironworks’ old coke crushing tower?

... das Wind Turbine Tower is a symbol of the ecological transformation of the Landscape Park site?

… the Archimedes’ screw raises an average of 15 to 27 litres of water per minute from the Clear Water Canal to a container on the tower? From here the water flows via pipes along the high promenade to containers in the bunker gardens.

… the Wind Turbine Tower has a height of 40 metres and begins to operate even at very low wind speeds? When the wind strength is greater than 5, for safety reasons the wheel turns automatically out of the wind.

… there’s a water play area with rainwater columns and an area of sand saturated with water next to the Wind Turbine Tower?

… the Wind Turbine Tower is a so-called ‘low speed’ model, used in America’s Wild West to raise water?

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