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Casting House 1

Did you know that …

… the transparent foil cushion roof and the Casting House have forged an artistic unity since summer 2003? The air-filled pneumatic cushions of the wave-shaped construction ensure good acoustics in the hall at the foot of the Blast Furnace even in poor weather.

... Casting House 1 today houses not only the annual Summer Cinema, but also concerts, theatrical performances and corporate functions?

…the average amount of pig iron produced each day by a blast furnace was 800 tonnes? And we’re talking about a rather small blast furnace by modern standards.

… Blast Furnace 1 was first blown on 16 May 1903 and was shut down on 4 October 1982? During its long period of operation the furnace underwent numerous renovations and was even moved 2 metres to the east in 1954.

… Blast Furnace 1 is the oldest blast furnace in Meiderich? Blast Furnace 1 is in fact one of the oldest blast furnaces in Germany and is an important heritage.

… after the tap hole was opened the pig iron was hardened into ingots for further processing? Alternatively the pig iron flowed in a molten state in so-called torpedo cars and was directly transported for further processing.

… the casting of the ingots was automated from 1952 by means of an ingot casting machine?

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