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Did you know that …

… use of the Storeroom came to an end in 1984 – one year before the ironworks was closed?

... the works canteen was situated in part of the Storeroom from 1953?

... this was where the first civic meetings were held to discuss the Landscape Park project?

… in the initial stages of the Landscape Park, a permanent exhibition on the history of the works could be seen, put together by the ‘German Association for Industrial Heritage’ on the upper floor? Later a restaurant was installed here.

… in the initial stages of the Landscape Park, the guided tours of the park started and finished here? Today the Visitors’ Centre is the meeting point for the guided tours.

… the ‘Ruhr District in Film’ event is regularly held here? The ‘Nordpark’ interest group and ‘Cinematography in the Ruhr District’ show historic films and television documentaries on the history of the Ruhr District.

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