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Did you know that …

... residential buildings once stood in this spot before the construction of the A42 and A59 motorways?

… after the residential buildings were demolished, this part of the site was left to itself and was thus rapidly able to grow wild?

... the wilderness area today, just like the neighbouring City Edge Garden on Wittfelder Strasse, has grown on land which was once used for gardening?

… since the closure of the works, the ground water has no longer been pumped out here? This means that a wetlands has been able to develop here without interference, and this is now a spawning area for the natterjack toad and others.

… in the wilderness there is dense vegetation comprising, amongst others, black elder, hawthorn and willow trees?

… the area is home to bird species such as the blackcap, willow tit, willow warbler, chiffchaff and icterine warbler? But keep your ears peeled: the nightingale has often been heard too.

… the purpose of the viewing platform is to prevent intrusion into the protected wilderness?

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