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Water system

Did you know that …

... the ecological development of the Landscape Park has a close connection with water? And the renaturalisation of the old River Emscher plays a major part.

... the old River Emscher was divided into the separate parts of Clear Water Canal, Emscher Dyke, Emscher Channel, Emscher Gorge and Emscher Stream?

… the original plan had been to bring in water from the Rhine-Herne Canal? But when this proved impossible, the watercourses were laid out as standing water fed only by rainwater.

… all the roof surfaces and open expanses of water in the Landscape Park make up a total catchment area of 21,750 m²?

… the total holding capacity of all the storage units measures 15,692 m³? The storage units would thus be able to fill the diving Gasometer.

… compensating for water lost from the Clear Water Canal to evaporation would in theory require 5,400 m² of rainwater? But because the surfaces heat up and the water is carried in open channels, a great deal is still lost through evaporation.

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