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Gate House

Did you know that …

... the Gate House, dating from the period of reconstruction after the Second World War, together with the enclosing wall formed the original complete cordon of the works premises separating it from the public?

…the entrance at the Gate House was also known as ‘Gate 50’? This was because the gates at Thyssen Steel & Co. were sequentially numbered.

… the Gate House was suddenly designated ‘Gate 11’ at the time when the works became part of the Ruhrort premises and all the gates were re-numbered?

… the Gate House was not the only entrance? Works employees could also enter the site via the Old Administration Building on Lösorter Strasse.

… the original Gate House, built when the works was founded, consisted completely of wood?

… on entering the works, employees had to show their pass and, when they knocked off, they had to present their bags for inspection?

... today the Gate House is where the continuous surveillance of the park site is managed? Should the Gate House be temporarily unoccupied, you can contact RBG Protection staff by phone on +49(0)15116349703.

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