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Sinter Plaza

Did you know that …

… after its closure on 1.10.1984, the Sinter Plant was in such a poor state that no consideration was given to preservation?

... the chimney, the stump of which can still be seen, was demolished on 30.4.1992?

… during the development of the Sinter Gardens, some hoppers were full of contaminated materials from the time when the works was operational and have been hermetically sealed? Today these hoppers have been planted with roof gardens.

... the Sinter Gardens comprise herbaceous perennials, fruit trees, lawns planted with flowers, a play garden and a garden of blooming hydrangea?

… some bunkers are used to store rainwater which, when required, is drawn off to feed the Clear Water Canal?

... the Sinter Plaza is still used toady for large-scale events? Every summer there is, for example, the 24-hour Mountain Bike Race.

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