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Climbing Garden

Did you know that …

... the ore bunkers are also called charge bunkers because they’re used to store the ‘charge’ – i.e. the raw materials with which the blast furnaces were loaded?

... by separating the materials in the various hoppers, an exact charge of ore, coke and aggregates could be assembled to produce specific varieties of pig iron?

… the climbing garden, with more than 500 climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty, is currently the largest artificial outdoor climbing garden in Germany?

... the Duisburg Section of the German Alpine Association with 5,500 members (as of February 2013) is the second largest sports association in the city after the Meiderich Sport Verein, Duisburg’s football club?

… the 35 expert trainers of the Duisburg Section of the German Alpine Association provide climbing and mountaineering training to around 1,000 people every year?

… the climbing routes are equipped with some 7,000 hand and foot holds of various sizes and are secured with around 4,000 stainless steel hooks and 400 metres of steel cable?

... since the construction of the climbing garden in 1990, the German Alpine Association has continued to work constantly to maintain and extend the climbing garden?

... in addition to various climbing routes, there’s also a via ferrata on an Alpine scale, an area to practise climbing in crampons, and a dry tooling facility? At the present time an indoor climbing hall is also being planned.

... the ‘North Park Hut’ climbing club is also an integral part of the facility? The North Park Hut contains 2 seminar rooms, overnight accommodation for 20 people, kitchen and wash facilities.

... in addition to taster courses (also special ones for children), basic courses, more advanced courses, technical courses, via ferrata courses, belaying, crevice, overhang and chock placing are also available? Further information is to be found at

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