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Blower House

Did you know that …

... the former steam Blower House is one of the ironworks’ centrepieces? And this is not only from a technical perspective, but also with regard to its value in terms of historical monument preservation.

… the Blower House originally housed steam blowers as tall as the roof? For experts: we’re talking about compound steam engines with a blower piston diameter of 2.40 metres.

…there were also electric turbo blowers to draw in large amounts of cold air, which was achieved by means of large filters on the left-hand wall? This produced the blast furnace wind – oxygen – by which the combustion process in the blast furnaces could be regulated.

... a blast furnace producing 1000 tonnes of pig iron in 24 hours requires approx. 3 million m³ of blast furnace wind?

... since 2002 there’s been a theatre with seating for 500 people in the Blower House itself?

… events are held in the Blower House on around 240 days every year?

…during the hall’s conversion, the technical features, cables and electrical circuits were installed in such a way that they’re not exposed or visible in the hall or on the walls? Rather, they are integrated into the machinery and the already existing conduits, giving the events halls their unique ambience.

… when the Foyer, Compressor Room and Pump House were converted, special attention was also given to their listed status and preservation of their original features and the machinery they contained?

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