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30 November to
2 December 2018
Premium artisan market in the
Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord

Werden Sie Aussteller!

Visitor information

Opening times & Programme

Friday, 30.11.2018
Opening times: 2 pm to 9 pm
Official opening ceremony at 5 pm

Saturday, 1.12.2018
Opening times: midday to 9 pm

Sunday, 2.12.2018
Opening times: 10 am to 7 pm

Admission prices

Adults: €4
Children (under 14): free admission

Tickets are available on site at the entrance to the schauinsland-reisen Christmas Market.

Tickets are required for the event area (outdoor area, Blower House and Casthouse). Admission to the schauinsland-reisen Holiday World of Ice is included in the Christmas Market ticket.


Visitor car park address: Emscherstrasse 71, 47137 Duisburg

Parking is free. Full information about getting here by car can be found on our info page.

Excellent food

The GOURMET TEAM CATERING & Event GmbH serves delicious food with different specials every day in the outdoor area and in the Blower House. The café in the theatre is a particularly convivial place. So treat yourself to something sweet or savoury. Supported by the Meidericher Hilfswerk, Lions Club Duisburg-Mercator and the Protestant Parish of Obermeiderich, the local non-profit organisations provide all sorts of irresistible treats in the outdoor area.


The extensive schauinsland-reisen Christmas Market events site is not barrier-free in all areas. There are undulating paths with all sorts of surfaces and assistance may well be required. For wheelchair users there is limited access to the Blower House and Casthouse during this event. There are disabled toilets on the premises. If you have any questions, please contact the Landscape Park’s team on +49 (0) 203-712 808 00.


Dogs are not allowed in the event area of the schauinsland-reisen Christmas Market. We apologise for any inconvenience. Exception: guide dogs are, of course, permitted.

Guided tours

During the schauinsland-reisen Christmas Market, torchlit tours, guided tours of the ironworks and head torch tours through the parklands set off regularly from the Landscape Park Visitors’ Centre:

Torchlit tour / €12 per person
Friday and Saturday at 6 pm

Head torch tour / €10 per person
Saturday at 6.30 pm

Ironworks tour / €9.50 per person
Saturday and Sunday at 10 am and 2 pm

Children’s tour / adults €9.50, children €4.50
Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 am

The tours are not included in the Christmas Market admission fee. Maximum of 20 participants per group. For large groups, separate dates and times are possible by arrangement. All tours start at the Visitors’ Centre. Further information and advance reservation on +49 (0) 203.4291919 or at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Coach and group parties

Registered coach and group parties receive a 50% discount on the tickets and pay only €2.00 per person.

Simply complete the registration form in the download area and fax or e-mail it to Tourist Information Duisburg. The coach driver is asked to register the registered group at the ticket office and confirm the exact number of people and payment is then made.

Tourist Information Duisburg
Königstrasse 86
47051 Duisburg
Phone: +49 (0) 203 285 44 0
Fax: +49 (0) 203 285 44 44
Email: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Please be aware that the discount is only valid for registered coach and group travel companies.

Venue Map

Stands & Exhibitors

Gasometer and Casthouse Forecourt

Stand Offer. Exhibitor
1 Father Christmas Photo Campaign. Lions Club Duisburg-Hamborn
2 Christmas & window decorations. Heidi Icking
3 Metal lamps & lights. Reinhard Link
4 Bags & purses. Monika de Zeeuw
5 Home-made cooking oils. Michael Karlos
6 Hand-knitted items. Beate Windisch
7 Natural wood and cut-offs. Ulrike Polok
8 Handmade items made from HGV tarpaulins. Britta Gies and Silke Laskowski
9 Handmade bags. Claudia Ernst
10 Hand-forged knives. Benjamin Terbeck
11 Home-made conserves. Susanne Schmitz
12 Items made from concrete and stone granules. Klaus Eigenwillig
13 Upcycling products. Regenbogen Duisburg
14 Handmade crocheted items. Anke Lempa
15 Handbags, backpacks, children’s bags. Sandra Fuhl
16 Handmade jewellery. Michaela Huber
17 Heat therapy cushions. Ute Schmidt
18 Wooden Christmas decorations. Gisela Bünten and Klaus Eßer
19 Useful and decorative items made from natural stone. Birgit Leuteritz
20 Pictures of objects. Werner Scherer
21 Sewn accessories. Tanja Gartmann
22 Baby booties. Anja Niemuth
23 Home-made jams. Regina Kossmann
24 Porcelain. Anja Lehnen-Gundlach
25 Unique textiles made from silk, organza & yarn. Norbert Kalina
26 Wooden decorative items. Jutta Schröder
27 Hand-threaded costume jewellery. Beate Eichler
28 Sewn & embroidered items for much-loved children. Anja Minhorst
29 Hand-sewn bags. Angelika Skrok
30 Arts & craft items with photographs. Andrea Wolff
31 Jewellery made with real stones. Sabine Günnewig
32 Individual sewn items. Vera Janssen
33 Glass products for Christmas time. Glaswerkstatt W8ZIG (CWWN)
34 Handmade wooden items. Dieter Ortmann
35 Kinetic objects. Iris Bühler and Bernhard Fitting
36 Handmade felting items. Christa Rhensius
37 Hand-turned pottery. Rita Albri
38 Handmade dolls. Christina Raulien and Cornelia Mackels
39 Candle holders with motifs of coal and steel. Markus Schütte
40 Hand-crocheted items. Sabrina Wick

Piazza Metallica

Stand Offer. Exhibitor
41 Patchwork. Gabriele Schwarzbach
42 Candle making. Cristian Rheinländer
43 Self-sewn children’s & baby clothes. Katrin Andorfer
44 Handmade items using glass beads. Bettina Kassack
45 Handmade accessories & small gifts. Sandra Kisters-Jendroska
46 Wreaths and bouquets. Dagmar Kamps
47 Handmade ceramic crockery. Kirsten Packert
48 Images, collages, cards on papier & canvas. Doris Packert
49 Christmas wooden items. Hiltrud Wienand
50 Animated cigar boxes. Monika Felder-Seifert
51 Handmade liqueurs, spreads & pestos. Olaf Feldhoff
52 Necklaces, bracelets & earrings. Rita Gehrt
53 Handmade wooden items. Förderverein Claudia
54 Reprocessed photographs. Iris Heinrich
55 Glass items for home & garden, Sievers-Weiß. Renate – Glaswerkstatt RS
56 Unique felt and fabric items. Anne Weinkauf-Esser
57 Handmade picture frames. Günter Templin
58 Honey & honey products. Harry Schröder
59 Hand-sewn & embroidered clothing and table linen. Reiner Knop
60 Handmade Advents wreaths. Sabine Giersemehl
61 Cardboard & paper products. PHG Duisburg gGmbH
Handmade loops and beanies. Christiane Hülsdonk
62 Upcycling products. Nicole Schäfer
63 Hand-made items for dogs. Carina Scharfenberg
64 Fireplaces. Stefan Peltzer
65 Gifts made of felt. Simone Bangel-Michelbach

Blower House Complex

Stand Offer. Exhibitor
66 Pictures of the Lower Rhine. Dolf Wagener
67 Ladies’ fashions. Karin Elvert
68 Pottery made of stoneware and porcelain. Barbara Barthel
69 Unique pieces of jewellery of pearls and felt. Rabea Hertzler
70 Handcrafted gnomes, angels & dolls. Ingrid and Volker Wendland
71 Utensils made of paper. Angelika Schwedes
72 Chains & necklaces. Manuela Klötzel
73 3-dimensional pictures. Hans-Werner Götten
74 Useful glass art. Andrea Kamrath
75 Handmade bookbinding. Ingo Panz
76 Handmade gold & silver jewellery. Christiane Horstmann
77 Unique wooden items. Frank Felgenträger
78 Knitted chains of silver wire. Claudia Thurmann
79 Small wood turnings and wood turning demonstrations. Förderverein Claudia
80 Lighting objects made of handmade paper. Simone Kamm
81 Unique felt items made of Merino wool. Heike Kempe-Jäneke and Gabriele Fischer
82 Hand-sewn teddy bears. Annelie Töpelt
83 Unique pieces of jewellery made of cigarette filters. Ursel Schmitz
84 Murals of steel. Gersak, Susanne and Mirko
85 Tablecloths and cushions. Hannelore Esser
86 Hand-made jewellery using leather & steel. Claudia Calderon de la Barca
87 Figures and sculptures made of modelling plaster. Ulla Bonn-Engler
88 Water graphics on Himalayan paper. Ursula Schmidt-Troschke
89 Handmade natural soaps & natural cosmetics. Sigrid Zimmermann
90 Hand-turned writing implements etc. Norbert Angenendt
91 Jewellery made of handmade paper. Karin Enstrup
92 Hand-modelled dolls. Helga Sadowski
93 Wooden decorative items. Yvonne Brzeskie
94 Self-designed and manufactured gemstone necklaces. Angelika Hofer
95 Hand-knitted products for young and old. Andrea Rupprath
96 Hand-made books made of fine papers, linen or leather. Christel Stannigel
97 Handmade jewellery. Monika Verbeck
98 Illuminated paper stars and lamps, Janine van der Sluis
99 Handmade women's outerwear. Anne Niemann
100 Jewellery made of natural amber. Beate Kozmianski
101 Hand-knitted caps and scarves. Jenny Jörgensen
102 Sculptures & figures made of natural wood. Alexander Lehmann
103 Chains and bracelets made of pearls and gemstones. Ursula Schmiedner
104 Photographs of "Small World" motifs. Oliver Hilterhaus
105 Ornaments for home and garden. Georg Halsbenning
106 Felting, dyed and sewn items. Heike Terbeck
107 Ceramics, figures, reliefs, wood prints. Siegrid Reimann-Barazutti
108 Bags, small leather goods & accessories. Sabine Schumacher
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