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The weigh house with its oval outline is situated by an old track layout on the Power Plant Forecourt. During events the converted weighbridge is used as an added area to the Power Plant, as catering area, ticket or fan shop or information centre. The weighbridge can also be used as a seminar room.

Our events managers will of course be pleased to offer advice at any time.

Floor Plan


approx. 50 m²
12 m x 4 m


Standing reception: 50
Seating in rows: 25


Oval shape, all round glazing, kitchenette.

Key figures

Catering franchise

The Weighbridge is not tied to any outside catering franchise. You’ll find our recommendations for reliable partners in the “Catering” section.


There is a toilet in the Weighbridge.

Vehicular access

There’s vehicular access to the Weighbridge for making deliveries.

Quiet at night

There’s a youth hostel near the Weighbridge, so please avoid making any noise between 10 pm and 6 am.


The Weighbridge has heating.

Disabled access

The building is not wheelchair-friendly.

Internet connection

Wi-Fi on request


1,500 parking spaces on-site.

Recommended combinations

The Power Plant Forecourt and the Cowper Plaza make for an unbeatable outdoor complement. When combined with the Power Plant, the Weighbridge has proved its versatility as a ticket booth, catering centre, merchandising shop, information centre, wine bar etc.


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